Are you trying to grow your presence on Instagram, but you’re having a hard time gaining new followers? Unless you’re a celebrity or public figure, gaining hundreds or thousands of new followers isn’t going to happen overnight; it takes time and attention. Here are eight tips to help you get more Instagram followers.

Optimize Your Profile

Your Instagram bio is one of the first things people see when they visit your profile. If it’s incomplete, not clear or unappealing, you may be losing out on new followers! Make them want to tap “Follow” by making a good first impression. In addition to a proper profile picture, your Instagram bio should clearly explain who you are, what you do and include a call to action.

You also want your Instagram aesthetic to be cohesive and reflect your brand. This will help potential followers understand what you and your brand are all about. Pay attention to the colors, layout, tone and overall feeling of your Instagram page. Are the photos consistent and do they “fit” together? Is the content in your feed balanced? Are you using a uniform color palette? These are all things to take into consideration when creating your aesthetic.

Post Consistently

People are following you because they want to see your content. Posting to Instagram on a regular basis lets your followers know what they can expect from you and helps build a consistent experience. This is also a great strategy to boost your engagement since followers will be expecting new content from you. Use our Social Media Planner to create a consistent posting schedule.

Create Reels

Instagram Reels is a creative way to gain new followers. That’s because this type of short-form video content gets more views. If your account is public, Reels appear in the Explore section, making them available to a wider audience – and potential new followers! Learn more about Reels here.

Write Strong Captions

Instagram may be a visual platform, but captions are equally important when it comes to engagement. This is where your followers can learn more about you and your brand. Experiment with your captions to find what resonates most with your audience. Try adding emojis, asking questions and playing with the caption length. Keep in mind that Instagram only shows the first 125 characters of your caption in the feed, so make your words count!

Engage with Your Followers

Get involved with your followers by interacting with them by responding to or liking their comments. Not only will they feel valued and appreciated, but it may also motivate other followers to interact with your posts if they see you are actively engaging with your community.

Another way to engage with your followers is to re-share content from them, such as photos or videos of them using products, success stories or other real-life experiences. Prior to posting, get your customers’ permission to post their journeys and any photos and video taken of or received from them. Be sure to comply with Herbalife Nutrition guidelines and all local, state and federal laws.

Track Your Analytics

Want to get new followers? Look at your analytics! This insight will help you better understand what content appeals to your community and create a content strategy to increase your follower count.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most powerful and effective ways to gain new followers. They not only increase your reach and impressions, but they also help Instagram users discover your content. Try to use hashtags that are relevant and that people in your target audience may be following or searching.

Don’t Buy Followers

As tempting as it may be, the worst way to get Instagram followers is to buy them. Fake followers lower your credibility and won’t do anything for your engagement. Put in the work to gain followers authentically; it’ll pay off in the long run.

Before you promote your business on social media, make sure to read our Price Advertising guidelines.

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