It's easy to get distracted with everything that’s going on in the world. Instead of losing focus on our individual wellness goals and letting stress take over our lives, let’s strive at maintaining balance.

The current news might be bad, but you can still do everything in your power to feel good. And part of that is maintaining your healthy, active lifestyle. For most, this means moving workouts indoors and carefully planning any outdoor activities like walks, runs and hikes (according to local government restrictions).



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No matter what your fitness routine was prior to this unique situation, you can always make the most of it and work to keep your wellness on track. If possible, set aside time for your daily fitness activity and think of it as an investment in yourself. When you view it this way, it becomes more of a treat and less of a chore.

At-home fitness got you stumped? Don’t sweat it! Check out the resources below to build your own routine and make your workout work for you!

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